RV Storage Tips To Keep Your Vacation Vehicle Road-Ready

For recreational vehicle owners, every vacation offers the opportunity for leisurely travel and a unique experience that might not be possible with other forms of travel. But sadly, once the vacation is over, the RV may have to stay in storage for many months until the time arrives for the next adventure. If you are planning to put your recreational vehicle in storage and want to make sure it is ready for the open road when your next vacation arrives, the following tips will help! 

Preventing odor issues in a stored recreational vehicle 

Odor issues can be a problem for recreational vehicle owners, especially when the RV is closed up and stored for long periods of time. To prevent your recreational vehicle from developing unpleasant smells during idle periods, owners should always: 

  • thoroughly clean the interior of the home, including wiping down all surfaces and appliances, vacuuming, and removing all trash and perishable foods
  • empty and clean refrigerators and freezers, propping them open for ventilation during storage
  • drain toilets, water heaters, and potable water tanks
  • drain and clean waste tanks 

In addition, RV owners may want to consider adding some baking soda to each drain in the motorhome to freshen them and prevent odors from forming.

Protecting exterior and interior surfaces

Cleaning the exterior of the recreation vehicle, including windows, trim, tires and wheels is a must to remove road grime, dirt, insects, and dust that can degrade the exterior. Once the RV is clean and dry, owners should consider covering windows and skylights to limit the amount of light that can enter the vehicle and cause fading of the interior surfaces. If possible, choosing a covered or indoor storage space for your recreational vehicle is a more convenient way to prevent this problem. 

Preserving battery, fuel, and tire life

Keeping your battery charged, fuel fresh, and tires protected is the best plan for busy recreational vehicle owners who want to minimize downtime when the next vacation rolls around. To do this, RV owners should always take time to: 

  • disconnect the battery to prevent it from suffering an electrical drain while in storage
  • turn the auto generator start module to the off position 
  • top the fuel tank off with quality fuel and add a fuel stabilizer product to maintain freshness and prevent moisture issues
  • inflate the tires to maximum pressure to prevent the development of flat spots
  • clean the tires and apply a tire conditioner product to help prevent dry rot during storage

To learn more about proper storage preparations for your recreational vehicle, speak with a reputable RV storage service in your area. 

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