Questions To Ask Your Potential Moving Company

As you get ready for your moving day, you will most likely be looking for a residential moving company to help you get through it. While it can be difficult selecting a moving company without seeing them in action, these questions can help you find a good one.

How Large Is the Crew?

It is important to know how many people will be assisting with your move when the movers arrive, especially when you are comparing rates between multiple companies. As you may imagine, more movers means that a job will go by much faster, so it may be worth paying a higher hourly rate if it averages out to be cheaper per crew person.

It is common to have moving crews that range between 2 and 4 people, but the size of your home may determine how many are used. A small apartment may not require more than 2 people.

Can You Purchase Packing Services?

Some people prefer to do all the packing themselves, while others prefer to leave it to somebody else. Be sure to ask in advance about what kind of packing services are offered and when that is scheduled. Some moving companies prefer to do it the day before the move so everything is ready to go, while others do the packing the day of.

One thing to keep in mind is that moving insurance may require the moving company to pack your belongings. That is because it will ensure that everything is packed properly and won't break in transit.

Will Large Furniture Items Be Disassembled and Reassembled

You may have a large entertainment center or bed frame that will clearly not fit out the front door in one piece. Find out if you need to disassemble and reassemble those items on your own, or if the moving company will handle that for you. Having this task taken care of for you will make moving easy, especially if it is something like trying to put your bed back together at the end of the day to get some sleep.

Does a Long Distance Move Cost More Money?

Don't be caught off guard when you receive the bill from your moving company. Ask in advance if the distance between your new and old place will result in the move costing you more money. Most movers work on an hourly rate, so a long time sitting in the van to arrive at the new place will cost the same as if they were packing items. However, other companies may charge by the mile for use of the truck.

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